Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Doctor said

        This was a great weekend. On monday of last week after returning from Washington D.C. I had a Doctors appointment. For the first time in months it was good news. Infection was gone and I could start using just a cane. Best news of all I am now ok to enter the water. So this translates to me as "go off and do wave photos. Enjoy!!" So off I went with Nick Selway and Josh Lambus to Oahu to spend the weekend photographing waves. Josh spent most of his time skydiving while he was in the air Nick and I were all over the island in search of surf.

        Nick And I both got some great images on the second day after spending the entire first day exploring the island in search of unique surf breaks and backdrops. This search lead us to my home town of Waianae. It was great to be back in my childhood surf breaks.

       On Saturday night our friend Stewart arrived and we went out to celebrate his birthday in Waikiki. Needless to say we didn't make sunrise in the water on Sunday. After getting back to the hotel at 4am we weren't getting up at 5am to make it to the beach for sunrise. Now getting up at 9am to go skydiving thats a different story. Josh, Stewart, Nick, Elvis, and Karen all got up early and did some hungover skydiving. I had to pass on this with my ankle. I'm pretty sure just use a cane doesn't mean go skydiving.

      The next morning Nick and I woke up early and headed to Sandies. We were greeted by this amazing sunrise. The surf was a little inconsistent but fun.

     The shot above was taken on the north shore in one foot surf just laying on the beach. Just goes to show it's not the size of your wave it's how you shoot it that matters. The shot below shows how I was getting around this weekend. It was probably funny to witness me caning down the beach just to jump in and get pounded in the surf with a surf housing. I had to also take all impacts to my back and shoulders 
and not land on my ankle. So many times I went over the falls with my bad ankle out of the water landing backwards.

      All and all a great weekend. I finally feel like I'm recovering. Now maybe I can drop a few of these pounds I put on while being stuck in the house the last few months.

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