Sunday, June 19, 2011

Turtle Bonanza

        What an amazing morning I had with the turtles. By far the most amazing images I have ever gotten on one day out in the water. After yesterday's snorkel and key fiasco. We decided to go out again this time making sure not to lose the key. There were so many turtles I didn't know where to start. Most of them hung right by us as long as we didn't swim too fast and allowed them go their way. They would swim right by us.

        The topography at this location was amazing. The stark contrast between rock, sand and coral made for a beautiful backdrop for these gorgeous sea creatures. 

         Many of the photos that I have envisioned getting over the years; I was able to create on this one morning out. I could not have imagined ever getting this many amazing images in one morning. It was like I had paid the turtles to model for me.

        The rays of the sun piercing through the water  added to my backdrop. The backdrops couldn't have been better if I drew them myself. For those of you that have seen me attempt to paint or draw, you know this to be true.

         I also loved the perfect ripples in the sands below. I was able to use them to my advantage in many of my compositions. And the sun glistening off the shallow bottom was just icing on the cake.

         The turtles move so gracefully through the water as they travel up to the surface, down to the bottom and over all the different underwater obstacles. Each of these obstacles adding depth and interest to my images. Many of these obstacles were teaming with beautiful fish.

       I love when the turtles would come to the surface and reflect in the mirror of the water above. If the turtles were comfortable they would surface right by me giving me the opportunity to capture images like the ones above.

       I just want to say thanks to Don and Linda Hurzeler for letting me tag along on one of their many snorkeling adventures here on the Big Island. They Snorkel almost every morning. So this is how most of their days start. Not a bad start to the morning if you ask me. And today we didn't have to wait for triple A. So it was just a perfect day in paradise.

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