Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maui Madness

Nick and I are back from a week in Maui. The week was very hectic but at the same time very productive. We flew over early in the morning and headed strait to Mekena beach to get in the water and get some wave photos. The surf was small but very fun on the multiple sandbars. Unfortunately the light was only good for about a half hour or so. Soon after we got in the water large clouds formed and blocked the sun. So we made our way out to Hana, where we were staying with Nicks family who were there for a family reunion. We had agreed to get some family photos for the them during there Hawaiian ceremonies and luau. The first morning we woke up early and headed out to photograph the families cleansing ceremony. Soon after we headed up to the bamboo forest and I was able to do my first long hike after my accident.

The wind and rain on the Hana side were so extreme that we were unable to shoot waves, as we had planed. So the next morning we woke 2 hours prior to sunrise and did the early morning road to Hana race course and headed to Mekena on the other side of the island. Where I captured this great series right on the sand.

After a few hours in the water at Mekena we headed to Lahaina to check out the town and look at space for another gallery. While doing our normal try to meet the other artist run, we met Christopher Egan In his gallery ( Art Visions Hawaii ). After talking for awhile he asked us if we want to be on display in his gallery. So long story short we will now have a presence in Lahaina in Maui. After this great news we headed over to Hana again. The next morning we were blessed with great conditions so we headed out for a beautiful Hana sunrise and early morning wave photos.

Our last night in Hana was spent at the Kaikala family luau where we got to eat some amazing Hawaiian  food. And as most of you know here in Hawaii we have 3 levels of full (Full, Tired and Painfull). I definitely passed the tired mark and went strait to painfull, but it was worth it. The next morning it was raining cats and dogs and blowing a gail; So we got to sleep in. We then headed back to Lahaina to meet up with Chris and his business partner to discuss our business agreement and caught a great sunset as well.

Our last day on Maui was amazing for wave photos. Mekena was going off and the light was perfect. Nick and I both captured some winners, then waited to fly back to Kona. We were just glad not to be driving the road to Hana again, as it was driving us madd.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hail Mary

Over the last weekend I headed over to Oahu with an amazing swell on the way. I had hopes of some big days in the water. Unfortunately mother nature had different plans and as we all know her plans come first. The swell hit the island as forecasted. It was one of the largest south swells of the year so far and Sandies was big. The unfortunate curve ball that I was thrown was that the swell arrived with 25 knot winds. The winds were blowing out the surf and with the surf my hopes for any amazing images this weekend.

So now I know the question on everyones mind is "How did you get the images for this blog?"
Well shear desperation led me to get in the water on Monday. The winds were now 15 to 20 knots, better then 25 knots but still pretty strong. The surf was smaller and pretty sloppy from the wind, but it was my last day on Oahu and my last chance to shoot. So I went for the Hail Mary and got in the water well before the sun came up as you can see from the images above and below.

I was able to get in the right position quite a few times despite being sucked out to sea and down the beach by the current on numerous occasions.  The winds made it quite a challenge to get a clean image. On other occasions that I have entered the water with similar conditions I have been lucky to pull one or two images out of the session. On this morning despite the conditions I captured a multitude of cool images.

I got quite a few images before the sun came up over the horizon. When the sun finally made it over the horizon the color came and went in a matter of moments. I got very lucky and was able to snap a few frames in this perfect light before it was gone as you will see in the images below. 

After the sun cleared the clouds that were just above the horizon the light got very harsh and the winds picked up even more. So after a few more frames I got out of the water and was elated at the success of my Hail Mary. 

I don't normally get this many good shots when the conditions are good, so getting this many good shots on a day with such challenging conditions, made the whole weekend worth while.