Saturday, June 2, 2012

Free to Military as thanks for their service.

This was the last light on the furthest west state in the United States of America. Millions of Americans are able to enjoy moments like this free and safe thanks to the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform. I went over to Oahu on Memorial day weekend and decided to spend my Memorial day trying to capture the best image that I could for the conditions of the day. It was fitting to capture a Memorial day photo here because so many members of our military are stationed here. My goal was to capture a Memorial day photo that was not of a memorial to those that have died (this would have been easy with all the memorials here in the state, but that has been done before). Rather I wanted to capture a image of what they have died for. I hope that we not only remember their service and sacrifice on a few days a year like Memorial day and Veterans day. I hope we remember their service in every beautiful moment that we are free to experience in this great country. So on this day I decided to spend my day capturing an image to give back to our service members. What I am doing is for any service member who emails me at: and puts Memorial in the subject line I will email them back a full resolution file of the image un-watermarked and a photo release to print it at any lab of their choice in any size. Also I can be contacted by Facebook-  CJ Kale or Lava Light Galleries or our website . Just my way of giving back for all that has been done for us. Never in my photographic career have I given out a digital file of one of my fine art photos to be printed at will. I would be happy to send this image out to every member of the military. I hope that it is shared around service members either through me our through even just sharing the file and release by forwarding the email I send them to their friends in the service.

Now here is where I need everyones help to get this started. Please share this blog with anyone you know in the service. Or just share it on Facebook even just Passing the email on to service members will help me to get this image out to them. The image name is Last Light on a Free Country and is only available to service members. Lastly for any service members here in Hawaii if you stop in my gallery in Kailua Kona on Alii drive I can give you the file there or have it printed for you at cost on any of the mediums that I print on for the gallery. Aloha and thank you for your service and for all the free and safe sunsets I get to enjoy in this great nation.
                                                           Aloha CJ Kale