Thursday, August 4, 2011

CJ Kale & Nick Selway Finalist

This years finalist for the Windland Smith Rice awards have been notified. From the thousands of entries they have chosen 250 finalist. Between Nick and I our gallery Lava light galleries Kona Hawaii has gotten 7 of our images selected for the finals. 3 of Nick Selway's and 4 of CJ Kale's images are in for final judging.

Nick Selway "Vibrant explosion" (Power of Nature) .

CJ Kale "Epic drip" (Art in Nature)

Nick Selway "Purple River" (Landscape)

CJ Kale "Lava on Fire" (Art in Nature)

CJ Kale "Morning Curl" (Art in Nature)

Nick Selway "Cliff Face Explosion" (Power of Nature)

CJ Kale "Artistic Edge" (Art in Nature)

They chose some really great images this year. Any of which we would be proud to have on display in the Smithsonian exhibit. With any Luck Nick and I both will be on display this year. I just hope that Nick wins a category this year. Then Nick and I can take a trip to the east coast for the awards and some great photographic stops on the east coast. I hope to see Nick pictured like this or even better to have the two of us pictured together this year at the awards.

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