Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dolphin Days

After a couple of weeks of getting skunked on every attempt to get a new shot, I was blessed with this amazing day. I was invited to head out and snorkel this morning with my good friends Don and Linda Herzeler. When we arrived to the beach the conditions were a little rough. I was figuring that it was par for the course for my last couple of weeks. Thats when I saw the first dolphin jump and knew that my luck had changed. 

We decided to swim out and see if the dolphins would get curious and come check us out.  Not only did they come by us once but they circled us for about 2 hours. The water wasn't the clearest but the dolphins were swimming so close it didn't matter.

There were so many dolphins swimming around us. Some stayed away but quite a few of them would come by and check us out. Some times one or two would swim by and other times a huge group would just buzz by out of nowhere. The neat thing was the they were by us in about 30 ft of water so the sand and reef was often visible in each shot.

Don and Linda got their first day at this location with the dolphins. So we had both had our luck turn around on the same day. I'm sure they both got some good shots. I know that Don got a few shots as I saw him diving deep on many occasions. You will see Don in the background of he next few images.

The final shot in this series of shots was taken by my buddy Don Hurzeler. It was probably taken at the same time that I was capturing the shots of him. I think he got a better shot of me then I got of him. So thanks Don for this great shot of me hard at work. All and all it was a great morning and hopefully my luck has changed so I might posting a little more often then I have been for the last few weeks.


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