Friday, September 16, 2011

Back in the Bay

Finally after over a year and a half away from Kealakekua Bay (the bay I spent the previous 10 years in guiding tours) I have returned. I got the opportunity to visit the bay again on the Fair Wind 2. It was so nice to return to the bay on the boat I worked with for years. It was as beautiful as always and the Fair Wind is still the best platform to enjoy Kealakekua from. After a nostalgic trip down with the captain and crew of the Fair Wind I was able to hop in and enjoy and photograph the shear beauty of Kealakekua bay.

The first thing I came upon was this little baby puffer fish. He was such a little chunk, not much bigger the the yellow tang around him.

The next thing I found was this eel  swimming around on the hunt. He was definitely on the move and not to concerned with me and my big yellow camera.

This ulua on the other hand was quite interested in my camera and swam by be many times to check it out. 

The fish were as beautiful as always and out in mass quantities. These saddle backs are rare but I can always seem to find them in Kealakekua bay.

My final find was Case of Living Ocean Productions filming the multitudes of fish in the bay for all the guest on the Fair Wind 2. They make a great high quality dvd that makes an awesome souvenir. What a great Day out.

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