Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back on Maui

This is kinda a late post. Nick and I headed over to Maui for a week to view our work up in the Christopher Egan gallery on Front street and of course to shoot this beautiful island. First off we headed to the beach to get in the surf for awhile. 

The first day in the water was fantastic. Nick and I both got some great shots on day one. It was hard not to with such perfect conditions.

Sunsets were off the charts almost every night. We shot the first night at secret beach and let me tell you the secret is out there were 5 weddings going on around us on this 50 yard tiny beach. You will see the couple in the image below that I call Maui romance.

The next day in the water wasn't quite as amazing but it was still fun. 

After a short time in the water we headed over to get some daytime photos of secret beach.

We finished up with sunset at Napili Bay where Nick got the gem above. The next day we woke up a 2:30 am and headed to Hana for sunrise. As you can see from the images below it was totally worth the early morning. 

After sunrise we headed to Hamoa beach then back over the long twisty Hana hwy to Lahaina.

Our final day in the water as the sun came up on Fleming beach outside Lahaina was a good one.

Nick got a few of his favorite photos in the water yet on this trip including the ones below.

We finished our trip off with this last sunset just before we got on the plane to fly back. All and all a fantastic trip and we can't wait to get back to the Valley isle again.

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