Sunday, November 6, 2011

Photo Safari

Went on a little photo safari today and pulled some fantastic shots. When taking out people in search of photos many times I do not get images better then I have got in the past from the locations that I shoot. Today was a different story. We started at sunrise at Pololu Valley. Not only did I get a improved photo from many that I have taken there in the past but I found while playing with my flash for fill light, that there are red flowers that bloom at this time of year. What a find and what an amazing sunrise.

After Pololu we headed to Waipio overlook and to some waterfalls. These locations I have shot in the past and did not better my old shots but on the way I did find this tree in the rolling fields of Kohala in perfect light.

Finally we headed to Maunakea hoping to shoot star trails in the night sky. We were met by a storm and the most amazingly colorful sunset I have ever witnessed myself from Maunakea.

My grads were put to good use getting the most out of the color in the sky and light striking the rocks in the foreground. What an amazing day I just hope my guest realizes just how amazing it was to have these fantastic and rare conditions.

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