Saturday, June 18, 2011

With Friends in Turtle Heaven

       Woke up this morning to an invite to go snorkeling with some friends. So after a mad dash to get all my gear ready; as it hasn't been used in awhile due to my accident. We were on our way to an underwater paradise filled with turtles. It has been almost six months since I have been in the water snorkeling. I was curious to see how my ankle would fair with fins. Especially because the only fins that I had were Cressi long blades. I was surprised at how good it felt in the water even with long fins. I got some amazing shots while out in the water. The turtles were posing today and stayed by us for quite some time.

        Don and Linda Hurzeler are both snorkeling addicts and spend most of their mornings in the water. I've just been waiting to heal up so I could join them. I spent years on the water teaching snorkeling and diving and spent most of my days in the water. Now with my gallery I have not been in the water quite as much, just enjoying the beauty below. Now that I have friends living here that enjoy it as much as I do I have an excuse to get out more often.

         After a great morning in the water, we got out to find that we had lost the key to the Jeep while out in the water. Luckily Don had an extra key in the car and also triple A. So if the worst thing that happens to you on a day in Hawaii is you have to spend another hour and a half at the beach waiting for triple A to come and unlock the car. It's all good! The last shot was accidental as my camera was triggered while I sat and waited for triple A.

       All in all it was a fantastic morning. So good in fact that we are doing it again tomorrow. Minus the key fiasco of course. 

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  1. Shame we never saw any turtles the day we snorkled in Kona - not to worry - I get to see your great piccies:)