Friday, September 16, 2011

A golden weekend

I had a quick trip over to Oahu this weekend and was able to shoot a few shots. It turned out to be quite a golden opportunity. The sunrises were golden and beautiful on all three days and made for waves that looked like liquid gold.

The first day there was a north and a west swell hitting the island at the same time. This caused the surf at sandies to be a bit of a jobbled mess. So in a last ditch effort I headed to to Makapu'u to check the conditions. Well the surf might not have been cooperating the sunrise was spectacular. I quickly removed my camera from it's water housing and shot a few of my first hand held sunrise landscapes in years. With no grads to balance the light or tripod to shoot off of I was limited in my creativity but I still got a few keepers. Mainly because the sunrise was so beautiful it was almost impossible to take a bad shot.

The images above were some my favorite from the next day in the water. The north swell was dropping and as the north decreased in size the south shore cleaned up beautifully. In the series above you can see the progression of light as the sun rises on Sandies beach.

In the shot above you see my friend Kimo holding his ground as a wave comes his way. Unfortunately I have no shots of my buddy Jon who was behind me in the line up as we shot. He has a great shot of Kimo and I as were were right in his shot as he got the shot of the day. If you check my Facebook page you can see Jon's amazing image as I was tagged in it with Kimo. It was by far the shot of the day. I was stoked to get to be out with friends in the water on this day.  It turned out to be Kimo's birthday.  What a way to start it off.

The images above and the first image that started this blog are from my last day in the water. I was all alone in the water for about 45 minutes as the sun came up. The conditions were perfect. The sunrise was amazing and the waves were gorgeous. I got one of my personal favorite wave photos on this weekend so it was truly a golden weekend.

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