Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Photos After My Accident

         Well the doctor finally gave me the go ahead to start putting weight on my broken ankle.  So being that my doctors office is in Hilo and in anticipation of this good news I brought camera gear of course. About ten minutes after being told I could put a little weight on it, I was over the rails at Rainbow Falls. I am still on crutches for about four more weeks but I am little more mobile. As you can see from the photo above the water was at it's peak. In fact it was the most water I've seen coming over the falls in years. So it was totally worth climbing over the rails and standing on the edge of the cliff on crutches to get these shots.

        While getting the shot above a tour group pulled up. Because I was beyond the rails I was in everyones shot so I politely crutched out of their way. Some of the people in the group asked me why I was on crouches. So I told them about how I dropped into a lava tube and all that had gone on. Later their tour guide asked "So whats the moral of the story?". I looked straight at the group and while on the other side of the rail on crutches, I replied " never go past the rails".  I had fun, got a few laughs and got some great photos. 

       On the way back from Hilo we stopped along the road to take these photos of the rainforest in full bloom. It's only a few weeks out of the year that it blooms like this and all the rain had the streams at max flow. So the timing of my doctors appointment couldn't be better.

       We later arrived back in Kona at A Bay just in time to watch the sky light up and get one last photo for the day.

      The next day in Kona Nick and I closed up the gallery early and headed to the beach to get a sunset shot. I felt as if Mother Nature herself was glad to have me back as we were blessed with this amazing sunset. I also learned that crutch pads and lava rock don't mix. 

With sunsets as beautiful as this I fear that I will be spending a lot of money on replacement crutch pads over the next four weeks until I can get off these things. But all and all it feels great to be a little more mobile and I am loving it.

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