Monday, April 25, 2011

On my way to the Smithsonian

         As many of you know I participate in the Windland Smith Rice  awards Photographic competition every year. One of the worlds most prestigious photographic art competitions. In fact so highly competitive that out of tens of thousands of entries world wide they choose only one hundred and fifty for the publication and only 19 category winners out of that. The 19 category winners and a few of the highly honored winners will be on display from April through September in the Smithsonian museum of natural history. They are holding a Awards ceremony for the category winners on May 3rd so I am on my way to Washington DC to attend. I plan on photographing the east coast while I am there. It will be a challenge because I am still on crutches after my last accident while photographing. I don't plan on traveling that far and not coming back with a few more award winning images. 

       Above is the image that I won with and the category (Power of Nature). This is my river to the sea image. It has always been one of my favorites and now it will get to be seen and enjoyed by millions in the Smithsonian, not just at my humble Kona gallery. It is every fine art photographers dream to be included in this exhibit and though I have been in the exhibit before as a highly honored photographer this is my first time being exhibited as a category winner. Truly a dream come true to recognized for my hard work, determination and artistic eye.

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  1. Incredible goes without saying. The shear beauty is amazing, but most of all the pride I feel when I gaze at your photograph. Congratulations John on your well deserved award, I am so excited for you. Great to know that you are doing well and back in the game. let's face it , it never left and this picture surely donates your passion and unbelievable accomplishment. What an honor, one which you will never forget. Jane Selway