Monday, April 4, 2011

Lava Surf Photography in Pro Zone of Professional Photographer Monthly CJ Kale & Nick Selway

      Aloha Nick and I were recently featured in Professional Photographer Monthly in the Pro Zone for our pioneering shots of the lava from the surf. It's always nice to be recognized for you efforts and achievements in your chosen field. You can read the article here.

Boiling Point

       Unfortunately for many of us in the field of photography this recognition may not come as often as we like. Photography is a very competitive field, as it should be. Photography is a art medium that takes us places; places that a great many talented people want to go. So obviously hundreds of thousands of people world wide attempt to make a living with the photographic arts, and very few do. The spot light is only so big and we all have to share our time in it with a great many other talented artist around the world. To get recognition in such a competitive field takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Some do it by contacting magazine after magazine, dedicating hours upon hours of their time to get a magazine to take their shots. Others do it through competitions sending in as often as possible. The final and in my opinion one of the most enjoyable ways to get noticed is to dedicate your life to getting new and unique photos. These unique photos command attention and often as in our case, the magazine will seek you out and your work will be rewarded by a moment in the spot light. Then the goal is to stay in that spotlight. So as a photographic artist you can never rest on your laurels. Your life pursuit has to be about that next great awe inspiring image.

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