Monday, April 25, 2011

Nick Selway's Kauai trip

          Well if you can't tell from this amazing photo of Wailua falls, Nick just got back from Kauai. He had a few days over there with some friends. While playing tourist he got some amazing shots. The one of Wailua falls is one of the best I've ever seen from this waterfall and I am totally jealous. I wish I wasn't laid up for this trip, as I missed many great shots. Luckily it doesn't matter with us who gets the shot our gallery always benefits from any new images either Nick or I get. Besides the shot above he took to the air on a doors off ride and got the shots below.

The two images above are the beautiful Napali Coast of Kauai and the images below are some of the many towering waterfalls of Kauai. You might recognize one of the falls as the water fall from the movie Jurassic park.

        Nick also took a quick stop in Hanalei bay and got this great long exposure under the Hanalei pier.

        And of course no trip is complete without getting some new wave photos at a new beach for either of us. He had some great conditions and got some amazing wave photos on a beach out by Barking Sands. Here are just a few.

       Well Nick had a great trip and got some great images next time I hope to join him and be posting a few of my own images from Kauai but for now we'll all just have to enjoy his from this trip.

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  1. Exceptional beyond words. The serene colors that transport you to another place, beautiful. My favorite is the pier shot, great perspective. So proud and honored that I get to view works of art in the making, from you.
    Jane Selway